Self Care Session

Self Care is all about taking the time to help yourself feel and move better. This can be done with breathing exercises, soft tissue tools, and stretching. The Self Care Recovery Session is designed to help stimulate your body’s natural Parasympathetic response (rest and digest) to help release tension and promote a better night’s sleep.


In these sessions you will learn how to connect with your breath and body, use foam rollers, myofascial release balls and other soft tissue tools. The techniques learned will aid in reducing tightness and tension throughout the body.   

The hardest part of Self Care for most people is consistently finding time to work on themselves. I offer you that accountability and the knowledge of proper Self Care techniques. The Self Care Recovery Session is conducted on Zoom and can be done in the convenience of your own home!


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Here are examples of Soft Tissue Tools.

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Self Care Session


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Self Care Session


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