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What is Body In Motion?

My name is Matt Stewart, I’m an Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer and I own Body In Motion in Brighton, MA. Body In Motion is a health and wellness studio that specializes in combining Myofascial Release (massage therapy) and corrective exercises (Personal Training) to help people feel, look and move better every day. I am dedicated to helping people make positive life improvement by using these two powerful tools.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release is a safe hands on therapy. It treats the whole body using sustained pressure to manipulate the fascia and muscles to alleviate areas of tightness, discomfort and pain while at the same time being gentle enough to calm your body and mind.

What does Body In Motion bring to Personal Training?

I have over 7 years of experience in the Fitness industry training at private Health clubs working with diverse groups of clientele focused on injury prevention. I specialize in Corrective Exercises also known as prehab and rehab exercises. Prehab exercises are designed to keep clients injury free during their work outs. Rehab exercises are utilized with those recovering from an injury or surgery.

What is the difference between Personal Training and Corrective Exercises?

The difference between Personal Training and Corrective Exercises is the intention. What are you looking for in your exercise program?

If you want to have more energy and feel better a Personal Training program would be customized for fat loss or muscle growth. Proper exercise form will be highly encouraged but the main focus will be on making you sweat. These sessions are great for body transformation.

If you need pain relief from an injury or you are trying to get back to exercising after a surgery Corrective Exercises are what you need. Corrective Exercises will be used to correct poor movement patterns and strength the proper muscles to reduce or eliminate pain. The pacing of the Corrective Exercise sessions will be slower than that of the Personal Training session because the focus is on quality movements.

I’ve worked with children, the elderly and everyone in between. My ideal client is anyone suffering from pain that wants to make an investment in their own health and well being today.

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Myofascial Release and Personal Training are not a substitute for qualified medical treatment or care. Always check with a doctor prior to engaging in any rigorous physical activity and/or are experiencing on going pain.


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