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Return To Your Roots For Free Stress Relief

Our ancestors slept underneath the stars and followed the natural flow of the seasons. Today we sleep indoors and work inside. Depending on the season some of us might not see the sun or spend anytime outside for a few months. We have all the conveniences and comforts modern society can offer us but still we live disconnected and stressed filled lives.

We have lost a connection to something natural and powerful. I will teach you how to re-establish this connection and it will give you access to:

  • More energy

  • More focus and clarity

  • More resilience to illness and poor health

  • More mental stimulation without mental exhaustion (i.e. keeping you entertained without overstimulating you)

  • And less stress

Are you ready for it?

Look out your window. What do you see? The sky, the clouds, the sun, trees, remember those? That’s called nature. (If you don’t have a window, please proceed outside immediately).

Nature: the cheap and easy stress reducer

Science is showing that being out in nature has a calming effect on us. Our heart rate and blood pressure lower. Our breathing slows down from it’s “normal” frantic pace. Afterwards we sleep better and feel better.

A study from the University of Washington had researchers measure volunteers' stress in an office setting. First, they stressed them out with some puzzles. Next they measured how long it took them to relax.

If the volunteers had a window overlooking a nature scene (grass, trees and a public fountain), their heart rate dropped faster than if there was a TV screen displaying the same view. The TV screen projecting the nature scene had no effect at all.

What counts as nature?

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Weather and fresh air

  • Water

  • Light from natural sources: sun, moon and stars

  • Sounds (such as birds chirping)

  • Smells (fresh cut grass and flowers)

  • Physical sensations (such as warm sun, or rain drops on your face)

Challenge yourself to slow down

Go outside and find something natural, even if it’s a small patch of grass or a potted plant. Take your shoes off. Disconnect from the constant buzz of technology, turn off your phone. Take 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and observe something natural like the clouds or a tree.

Take 5 big deep breaths. Slowly close your eyes and begin to notice what your senses pick up.

  • What do you feel physically: wind, warmth, rain, cold, etc.?

  • What do you see: The leaves falling? The sun shining?

  • What do you smell: Fresh air? Dirt?

  • What do you hear: The wind in the tree? Birds chirping?

  • How do you feel: Excited? Calm? Anxious?

Focus on what you are experiencing at this very moment. Simply observe. If you get distracted, don't get frustrated. It's all part of the moment.

Take 5 deep breaths to close out this practice. Go back to what you were doing prior with a renewed sense of calm and focus.

You’re welcome. This is the gift of nature and of the present. It is available to you whenever you need it.

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