(In-person, Remote or Virtual)

Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

The hardest part of any fitness journey is knowing where to begin.  Depending on your goals the options can seem overwhelming.  Working with a Certified Personal Trainer you will receive a highly customized program tailored to your unique goals and needs.  

I can speak from my own experience that hiring a Personal Trainer is one of the best investments a person can make in themselves.  It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made and it completely changed my life forever.  I lost over 60 pounds of fat after hiring a Personal Trainer, something I could not have achieved this without the help and guidance of a professional.

Setting up your first appointment might seem scary, I have been there before, but all it takes is one call or mouse click to make one of the best investments in yourself.  You are worth it.

Virtual Personal Training

GET STRONG, STAY SAFE! Train from privacy and safety of your own home with Virtual Personal Training that are conduct via Zoom. With a set of resistance bands and a foam roller you will be amazed at the customized intensity of workout that is delivered. 

Remote Personal Training

With this option I will write you highly customized 4-week exercise programs that will be delivered via the TrueCoach app. With this option you will get:

  • Highly customized exercise programs every 4-weeks

  • Learn a new healthy habit every 4-weeks 

  • Accountability

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • The flexibility to workout whenever/wherever is convenient for you 

What are the benefits of exercise?

  • Weight management

  • Improve insulin sensitivity

  • Improve bone and muscle health

  • Improve balance

  • Improve mental health

  • Increase energy levels

  • Increase quality of sleep​

What does a Personal Trainer offer?

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Knowledge of proper exercise technique

  • Injury prevention

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Setting realistic goals

What matters most at Body In Motion?

Quality of exercise and movement is ALWAYS prioritized over quantity. Learning proper exercise and movement form is the foundation of Personal Training and Life. Exercising will help make every day life easier for you because it strengths your body and mind. It teaches you how to move with ease.

What does Body In Motion bring to Personal Training?

I have over 7 years of experience in the Fitness industry training at private Health clubs.  I have worked with diverse groups of clientele focused on weight loss and injury prevention.


I specialize in corrective exercises known as prehab and rehab exercises. Prehab exercises are designed to keep clients injury free during their work outs. Rehab exercises are utilized with those recovering from an injury or surgery.

My biggest passion is helping people transform their lives with the power of diet and exercise.  I started my own fitness journey through the help of a Personal Trainer and lost over 60 pounds.  I absolutely believe in the value of having a knowledgeable and passionate Personal Trainer who will provide you with accountability, guidance and support.      

Personal Training Sessions

Introductory Special

60 minutes of 1:1 Personal Training w/ complimentary assessment




45 minute 1:1 Personal Training 



10 Pack

of 45 minute 1:1 Personal Training


20 Pack

of 45 minute 1:1 Personal Training


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