What can the combination sessions help with?

The combination sessions are great way to get back on your feet if you are recovering from an injury or surgery. The hands on Myofascial Release can help reduce scar tissue and supervised exercise can help to strength your muscles.


If you are scheduled for a joint replacement surgery then these sessions are great for pre-surgery. Receiving Myofascial Release and Personal Training prior to surgery has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and length of stays in the hospital after your surgery.

(Li Wang, et al, Rajrishi Sharma, et al, Kristen McKenney MSc, et al)

What is the thought behind combing these two modalities?

When it comes to movement, the human body operates with the idea of "use it or lose it". Humans are all born with the ability to squat all the way down to the ground or raise their arms all the way above their head. Once we stop doing that, however, our body begins to "forget" how to move that way, range of motion is lost and connective tissue elasticity begins to tighten.


Myofascial Release can improve range of motion and tissue elasticity. If the body does not immediately utilize that new found freedom, the tissue will quickly tighten up again. The best way to offset this is to challenge the body to use that improved range of motion with highly customized exercises taught by a Personal Trainer.

Personal Training safely challenges the body and mind through supervised movement and corrective exercises. Once Myofascial Release has increased the tissue flexibility, specific exercises will be used to challenge that new found range of motion.  One on One Personal Training carefully provides that exercise and movement guidance.    


The MFR/Personal Trainer combination sessions will help you move and feel better in a shorter time than having separate appointments. Your first combination session will be one hour and forty five minutes.  The first 15 minutes will be used for goal setting and a movement screen, followed by 45 minutes of hands on Myofascial Release treatment, and then a 45 minute Personal Training session with corrective exercises specifically tailored to your unique needs.

What should I wear for my session?

For your session please wear loose fitting gym clothes. Women could also wear a sports bra or bathing suit top for the Myofascial Release component if that is more comfortable. Prior to a session, please avoid applying anything on the skin such as lotion or oil. These products can make it difficult to work on the Fascia without sliding on the skin.

Combination Myofascial Release/Personal Training Sessions


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45 minute Myofascial Release/45 minute Personal Training Session





45 minute Myofascial Release/45 minute Personal Training Session




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10 Pack

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